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Five-element star formula Full-time Job

2022-10-24 10:48   Banking   Darzāb   37 views
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Fifteen years ago, Huo Yufeng and his wife were only two centurions in the Fire Dragon Legion. Although Huo Yufeng's position in the Fire Family was not low, he was also a direct descendant. But the rule of the fire family is that when family members enter the barracks, they have to be made from the most basic ranks, and at that time the fire shade is already a legion staff level figure. It is said that Huo Jun's mother is definitely a great beauty in the army. One day, she happened to meet Huo Yin who was drunk in the check camp. Wine strengthens the courage of color. Although Huoyin is not an evil ghost in color, it has no resistance to beauty. Seeing Qin Lianyu patrolling in armor, the silver-white armor sets off the intoxicating graceful body, which almost makes Huoyin unable to extricate himself (is it uniform control?) The itch in my heart was unbearable, so I went forward to talk to him. Although Qin Lianyu is a woman, she has already reached the third level, and she has beaten the drunken and defenseless Huoyin who dares to molest herself. Ahem, I would like to remind you that it is Huoyan, not the master of the fire family. Although Huo Yin was beaten, there was no anger in his heart. Although he knew that she was his cousin's wife, he did not mean to avoid danger. He went to talk to her every day. Lonely in the army, men are very difficult to hold their own, not to mention the fire rain wind and she is not stationed in the same place. Nature by the fire shade continuous harassment stirred up the flame in the heart, and then things are logical, two people go to bed once is to eat bone know marrow, all day long in the camp tent lingering xxoo. Once again, unfortunately, Huo Yufeng received a transfer order from Huo Yan,industrial racking systems, the head of the Fire Dragon Army at that time, and transferred it back to the headquarters of the Fire Dragon Army. That was because the communication was not so good. Just make a phone call. Fire rain wind back to the camp, two honey in the oil, all day long M1 two people do not know, that day happened to be broken into the tent by fire rain wind, this inadvertently inserted willow into the shade. Originally, I missed my wife, but unexpectedly,cantilever racking system, a live version of rape was staged. Huo Yufeng was furious. He drew his sword and cut the two men who were sitting on the bed with the piston moving. It was Huo Yufeng who had four intermediate ranks and was a long man. Fire shade is indeed abnormal, unexpectedly good to die at that time suddenly reached, the whole body is weak where there is strength to resist, Qin Lianyu every day by the fire shade to die, feet have long been weak, two people where there is no strength to resist, almost split into two parts. Had it not been for the fact that the fire spirit, who was already the deputy commander of the regiment at that time, happened to pass by, it is estimated that there would have been no such thing as Li Ziming a few months ago. At that time, although the fire family tried their best to cover up, the matter was still very big at that time. Only later Li Yu single single sword single fire family this file temporarily attracted the attention of the public, followed by a series of events, until Huoyan became the head of the fire family after the fire family lost face "JQ door in the army" incident was mentioned again. At that time, Huoyin was excluded from the Fire Dragon Army and punished to do hard labor in the most difficult speechless forest. Qin Lianyu was also excluded, expelled from the fire home, heavy duty cantilever racks ,mobile racking systems, perhaps Huoyan felt indebted at this time, Huoyufeng was promoted to the deputy commander of the fire home army by Huoling. Sometimes things are always a comedy, when Qin Lianyu was ready to leave the fire home, unfortunately she was found to be pregnant, two people in the barracks day after day, there is no defensive measures, shot. Then he stayed, but still lived in the same yard with Huo Yufeng, and then did not know what had happened, a few months after the birth of the child, Huo Yufeng frankly admitted that it was his own child. This is the Fire King. Before long, the couple who seemed to have got back together went to the battlefield again. Qin Lianyu, who felt indebted, helped Huo Yufeng block a gun on the battlefield, and then Li Ziming heard it at Huo's home. Li Ziming looked indifferent after listening to everything, without any ripples in his heart, when Huojun said he was the child of Huoyin, Li Ziming had already thought of it, but did not think that things seemed more interesting than he thought. You're not surprised? Huo Jun looked at Li Ziming, who looked indifferent and listened to everything without a trace of emotional fluctuation, and asked with a little surprise. Why should I be surprised? The body betrays the feeling. Li Ziming looked at Huojun indifferently and asked in reply. Then he added an emphasis after the last sentence in his mind-younger brother and sister and brother-in-law. Well, at this time, the XX Gate in the first column of the Great Qin Empire. Do you know what I want to say to you? After a long talk about this scandal, Huojun did not feel uncomfortable, and there was no emotional fluctuation in his bright eyes. Then he looked at Li Ziming like a clown and asked with a smile. Aren't you stalling for time? Li Ziming shook his head disdainfully and said disapprovingly. In Huojun's imagination, although Li Ziming's talent is really extraordinary, but after all, he is only a 15-year-old child, oh, wrong, it should be sixteen years old. When he was, after all, only a child of sixteen, there was so much to think of. Said for so long, behind that group of forest people with bows unexpectedly did not move, just quietly looking at two people, long arrows aimed at Li Ziming. Did you betray the empire, the fire family, and your father just because Huoyin is your father? Li Ziming looked at Huojun with a little pain, and the expression on his face finally moved a little, and asked sadly. After all, this man once pulled himself on the fire home martial arts field, and he still had some feelings in his heart. My goal is your magic power, just to cooperate with them temporarily. Huo Jun obviously put Li Ziming's words in his heart and said disapprovingly. Could it be that everything about you was designed, starting with you giving me a helping hand in the martial arts arena, then the long talk in the Scarlet Castle, and finally the one-armed ape? "I just wanted your Golden True Qi, but I didn't think you had a better Star True Qi. Otherwise, do you think I would be so good to lend a helping hand to the most unpopular person in the family?" Huo Jun shrunken mouth, proud to say,wire mesh decking, the eyes of the depths of a flash of greed and. And that thick disdain. I don't know whether I am disdainful of Li Ziming's identity or something else. At this time, he had completely torn off his disguise, but his delicate and green face was as ferocious as that of a hundred enemies and a thousand enemies. jracking.com

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Five-element star formula