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Rebirth and promotion in the Qing Dynasty Full-time Job

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But look at Zhao Pin Empress, she never married the people in the harem and never got involved in the affairs of the harem. Even though she came from a humble background, now she is much more favored than most people in the harem. What she relies on is not that caution. All the people in the harem have stains on their bodies except those who are new to the palace. Only Zhao Pin's body is clean. This is not something that can be done by a means. Empress Zhao has a son and a daughter, and she has capital. Wan Guo said in a strange way. Wan Hua gave Wan Guo a white look, and then bowed his head to deal with Guo Luo and Luo Shufei. "Zhao Pin Empress has capital, but her capital is not given by the emperor. Master, you have seen the favor of Duan Pin Empress before, but that is not even comparable to Tong Fei Empress, but now?"? The emperor said to take back, the emperor annoyed her not only to protect the heir. A lot of things always happen after a long time to know the truth, Duanpin suddenly fell out of favor, everyone thought it was because she was not good to protect the heir, the emperor annoyed her, including the reborn Nuomin also thought so. But later we learned that the original Duan Pin actually used medicine to the emperor to conceive a child, that medicine or the kind of medicine that hurts the dragon body. I won't be as stupid as Duan Pin. Guo Luo Luo Shufei squint said. She understood the meaning of ten thousand flowers, just let her and a slave Yangzi learn, Guo Luo concubine is really can't do it, her Ama's official position is not high, her family in the whole Guo Luo family is not a prominent one, but because of the word of phoenix life, let Guo Luo concubine whole person has absolute confidence and pride, just when entering the palace, let alone Zhao Pin, That is, the imperial concubine and Tong Fei she did not put in the eye, that is, now eat a lot of lessons to converge up. A wise master is not like Duan Pin Empress, but this is not what the slave wants to say. What the slave means is that you look at the caution of Zhao Pin Empress. Master, think about it carefully. There are so many masters in the harem. Which one is not better than the concubine? Why can she be conferred the title of concubine? Is it really because she gave birth to a son and a daughter? Na Na La concubine also gave birth to the emperor's nine sons,L Methylfolate Factory, and now is not the identity of the concubine, and in the past few years, whenever something happens in the harem, it has never been involved in Zhao Pin Empress. Is it really because other masters look down on the origin of Zhao Pin Empress, so they ignore Zhao Pin empress? How is this possible, the harem this kind of environment, not to mention Zhao concubine also has the emperor's favor, there are princes and princesses, even if not only by her seven concubines identity, there are countless people want to pull her down their own ascension. Guo Luo Luo Shufei sat up straight involuntarily, Wanhua said that she really did not put Zhao Pin in her heart, her eyes were looking at the imperial concubine Tong Fei, and occasionally she was jealous of her rescue and the birth of twins. But after Wanhua said so, Guo Luo Luo Shufei suddenly found that Zhao Pin was also a fierce one. Guo Luo Luo Shufei fingers contracted up, eyes also narrowed up, D BHB Factory ,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, this harem really no woman is simple, Wanhua is right, she should be careful now, she has no capital to contend with people, a careless is beyond redemption. Biting the cherry lip, Concubine Guo Luoluo said unwillingly, "Send someone to ask if the Empress Dowager can go back to the Ningshou Palace." She now she can only cling to the empress Dowager, only to really move the heart of the empress Dowager, after all, the Qing Dynasty to rule the country by filial piety, the emperor can not be too disobedient to the empress Dowager and the empress Dowager is not. On the other side, Nuomin received the message, "Master, Guo Luoluo's concubine has just gone to Ningshou Palace with the maid Wanhua carrying the food box." Hearing this, Nuomin's hand, which was drawing a pattern, did not even pause. "I know," he said lightly. Bi Lan knew that Nuo Min already had an idea in his heart, so he didn't say much. Bi Lan was a very competent slave in the case of not conflicting with the interests and layout of the Wanliuha clan. After finishing the peony pattern in her hand, Nuomin put down her pen and continued to draw other patterns on a piece of rice paper, but the corners of her mouth rose slightly, which showed that she was in a good mood. Chapter 96 contains Musk. Guo Luoluo Shufei came back from Ningshou Palace and felt that Wanhua was a little strange. The whole person was not only not as calm as before, but also in a trance, which attracted the attention of Guo Luoluo Shufei. The only ladies around her were Wanhua and Wanguo, who were arranged for her by her family, so even if Wanguo seemed very frivolous, Guo Luo Shufei still trusted her. Wanhua is a slave sent by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to serveuoluo Shufei  leaving a trace, and no harvest,S Adenosyl Methionine, until she walked into Ningshou Palace, her face showed a trace of surprise and panic. What is Wanhua's surprise and panic? This has always been Guo Luo Luo Shufei in the mind of the question, for which she answered the question of the empress Dowager today are somewhat inadequate. It was not until she returned to her room that Guo Luoluo took another look at Wanhua and saw that she was still in a trance. She lowered her eyes and sat quietly on the Kang. She took the tea from Wanguo and stared at Wanhua. pioneer-biotech.com

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