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Sheng Chong Xia _ Er yuan Full-time Job

2022-10-24 06:01   Engineering   Sang-e Chārak   20 views
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Search keyword: Protagonist: Mei San (follow) Supporting role: Fu Zheng Others: Gold recommendation Under the favor, in fact, difficult to live up to. In a previous life, everyone envied Mei Ru for marrying well, being favored by the King of Yan, and being rich and glorious, but she finally committed suicide. As a substitute, puppet, a lifetime of neglect, a lifetime of life, Mei three girls really do not want to be so suffocating! The writing of this article is fluent, the plot is progressive, the suspense is heavy, the characterization is full and has contradictions and conflicts, which is very interesting. , Chapter 1 Meiru is reborn. Holding the hairpin, he sat in front of the dowry. The peep show reflects the appearance of a person, such eyebrows, such eyes, live off herself! But just a quarter of an hour ago, she stuck the hibiscus hairpin into her chest! Warm blood dripped down the hairpin, dyed the plain clothes red, Mei Ru was in terrible pain, cold sweat, but did not forget to push in a little more. It was really painful, so painful that she could only bend over the table, choking and breathing her last breath, unable to make a sound. In a daze, it was all Fu Zheng's last words. Cong Cong, your elder sister has entered the palace. She has treated you well since she was a child, and she is soft-hearted. I don't want her to be embarrassed. Follow,plastic pallet supplier, heaven and earth, where else can you go? Read me and your husband and wife, you please go to the cold palace. One word, one sentence, breaking up love and righteousness is a thousand or ten thousand times worse than death. Mei Ru smiled bitterly. Fu Zheng is so bad that he is willing to treat her so cruelly! When she is the most insignificant stand-in, pawn, puppet, take her to gain the best reputation in the world! In this world, up to the son of heaven, down to the common people, no one knows that although the king of Yan is cold-faced and cold-hearted, he only favors the princess of Yan and never takes concubines. He doesn't even have a warm bed. The palace is clean,plastic wheelie bins, and he would like to hold the best in the world in front of the princess. In this world, only Meiru knows his true face. Fu Zheng has never really loved her, pity her, he has always hated her, hate her, married 13 years, Fu Zheng has never touched her. Oh, no, I touched her once when I was drunk, so hard, so eager, and bullying her in different ways, endlessly. At that time, Mei Ru was also in pain, trembling all over, but happy in her heart. She begged him softly, "Wang Ye, you are gentle, I am in pain.". Fu Zheng held her hand, put it on his lips and kissed her, answered, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, and then murmured a name. Meiru was extremely tired by his entanglement, but he also heard something wrong. At that moment, she was cold all over, but the people behind her were hot, like a fire rolling her, rubbing her, torturing her. She was so coquettish that she was ground into rubble by this man. When the late emperor died and the court was in turmoil, Fu Zheng was surrounded and enthroned as emperor by virtue of his "good reputation" and great military achievements. And how cruel his heart was, Meiru saw through it at that time. The whole party of the prince was scattered, and the whole family of the Mei Mansion was implicated and confiscated, while her sister, the original noble Crown Princess, was secretly arranged by Fu Zheng to enter the palace. Meiru himself because of nothing, a paper waste after the imperial edict down, directly from the palace queen into an insignificant five-grade plum noble, now, will be relegated to the cold palace. Meiru is desperate to come to this step today! The past was vivid in her mind, and she gathered her skirt, but still could not resist the chill in her body. She subconsciously touched her bleeding chest, but the pink jacket was rolling with a white fox edge, clean, where was the blood? Looking at herself in the mirror, she was small, about eleven or twelve years old, with a complicated bun that did not match, and two or three phoenix hairpins and gold hairpins slanted in. She was very strange. Before committing suicide, Mei Ru was nearly thirty years old. Now, seeing her young self again, she didn't dare to recognize it at first. Rao accepted the fact of rebirth, or felt in a trance in a dream. Oh, little ancestor, you have to hurry up. Someone came in with a curtain and a loud voice. Mei Ru looked blankly at the past. After a dull thought, she recognized that it was Mother Liu in front of her mother. Mother Liu turned sideways and raised the door curtain, followed by a woman. At first glance, he looked like a good man in his thirties, with a golden eldest son in red wine, a sapphire blue horse face skirt with four seasons of peace, a ruby head and face, and a noble spirit all over his body.  good-looking", Miss Mei San's small temper could stop immediately, but today it didn't work. I saw her desperately drilling into Joe's arms, a little rogue reborn,plastic pallet manufacturer, "not good-looking is not good-looking, what's the use of good-looking?" Mei Ru replied sullenly, unable to stop her tears. cnplasticpallet.com

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