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Universal pipette tips Full-time Job

2022-06-07 09:19   Engineering   Dasht-e Archī   57 views
Job Details

Universal pipette tips are disposable and designed to fit multichannel and single pipettes from many manufacturers. Compared to pipette specific tips, universal pipette tips offer high levels of performance and offer versatile uses with many pipette models. These universal pipette tips are produced from high-quality diamond finish molds using FDA approved specified medical grade virgin polypropylene which has high transparency. Oxford lab products universal pipette tips are certified free from DNase, RNase, Human DNA, Pyrogens and PCR inhibitors.

The 10uL universal tips provide excellent clarity and flexibility for accurate touch pipetting. The universal tips feature absolute purity without the use of any additives or dyes, and the producer follows manufacturing procedures in accordance with ISO 9001 standards to eliminate all external sources of contamination.

The automation pipette tips are designed to correct the specifications, which makes sure the fit remains consistent. The most commonly used models in laboratories are the sterile filter pipette tips. The above-mentioned tips come in various volumes, ranging from 50 microlitres to 1000 microlitres that also work well with small volume dispensing.

Tecan compatible automation tips designed to be compatible with Tecan and other robotic liquid handling platforms. With hanging tip format, the tips is filtered and conductive. They are produced to stringent standards of quality and reproducibility, ensuring reliable liquid handling performance.

Hamilton compatible automation tips are made of medical grade clear or conductive polypropylene from well-known suppliers. Advanced mold technology with unique polishing technology ensures smooth inner surface of the tip for precise pipetting with low residual. They are manufactured by Suitomo/DEMAG high-speed electric injection mold machine with highly precise mold in class 100000 clean workshop. Fully automated manufacturing processes integrated with raw material-feeding, injection-molding, filter-installing, tip-loading, and rack sealing for minimal human touch decrease the possibility of biocontamination.

Beckman compatible automation tips offer a comprehensive line of tips for Beckman Coulter automation systems. These tips are manufactured to stringent specifications under strict process controls and assembled via automation to ensure consistent performance and quality.

Disposable automation reservoir is of polypropylene construction and designed for simple, economical handling of reagents on automated systems. The standard microplate dimensions enables reservoirs to be used in plate handlers or stackers. With the same dimensions as standard microplates, these disposable reservoirs can be used in plate handlers or stackers. The removable splash baffles prevent reagents from splashing out when being moved on robotic decks. They are compatible with virtually any automated liquid handler as well as all of our automated pipette tips.

Sealing film, tape and foil are basic consumables common to most wet laboratory setting. Sealing films are designed to protect against oxidation, evaporation, and cross-contamination in cell cultures during processing, storage, and transport.

PCR plates & tubes are generally made of polypropylene (PP). Because it is a biologically inert material, the surface is not easy to adhere to biomolecules, and it has good chemical resistance and temperature resistance (can be autoclaved at 121 degrees, and can also withstand temperature changes during thermal cycling).

PCR tubes are small tubes made of high-quality virgin polypropylene with a conical bottom and snap-cap lead. They have uniform thin walls to facilitate efficient heat transfer to the sample. These tubes are autoclavable and work well with most thermal cyclers.

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